I Am Not A Nasty Woman

January 25, 2017



In case you missed Ashley Judd's rant at the March for Women in Washington D.C. last Saturday, I'll recap. 


Close to half a million women marched the day after President Trump's Inauguration to protest his presidency and bring awareness to women's rights, inequality and their fears of what they believe a Trump presidency would jeopardize. (At least I think that's what I gathered amongst the rants and chants). 


In our great nation, we can protest, we welcome robust debate, it is in fact what makes us unique. Women have done great things in our history- (Suffrage movement).


However I was appalled as a woman at the  the narrative of the march through the various forms of media I viewed. 


I witnessed vile and ungodly things written on nude and clothed bodies alike. I listened to the drum that hundreds of thousands marched to- a woman's right to choose- abortion, LGBTQ agenda and so forth. I saw nothing that put forward Pro-life and traditional marriage agenda or godly values. There certainly was not platform given to those opposing views. (At least that had media coverage).


As I sat there grieved I said... "I am not with them!" I will not stand with women who have a godless and vile value system. I will stand up as a woman and stand against wickedness as they do not represent me! 


You may call me judgmental and insensitive. I'd rather have the persecution as a narrow minded, bible thumping, outdated, antiquated, not enlightened, any name you may want to call me, than to align with a movement that arrogantly and audaciously holds a banner that read... "If Mary had had an abortion we wouldn't be in this mess!"



You do not represent me with such blasphemous rhetoric! I saw nothing but rebellion and wicked expression against a holy God and His Word. I saw a bunch of women who themselves operate in the very hate and intolerance they claim to stand against. But I also saw a bunch of women Jesus Christ died for to save, heal, deliver and redeem. I saw a sea of women that God so loved that He sent His only son Jesus, to save them. If they repent and believe in Him, they would have everlasting life. 


This brings me to Ashley Judd reciting the poem of a nineteen year old..."I'm a nasty woman!!! (You may have seen it on FB) 


As she finished her speech and led them in a "If you're a nasty women yell, "Hell yeah!" 

I was so grieved. I refuse to be. You see... "



As a woman-- I'll march. But I'll march to the throne room of God's grace rather than rant vile, ungodly things... 


I'll pray for a nation to turn to the living God and repent. I'll not stand with godless ideology as I know one day I'll stand before the living God and give account as to how I conducted myself as a woman. I AM NOT A NASTY WOMAN!! I AM a forgiven, saved and washed in the blood of Jesus kind of woman. I will not give way to vitriol and hate regardless of my views- political or religious. I will not use my mouth to slander and spew hatred rather I'll use it to intercede and bind up a Jezebel spirit and then with compassion- act. 


I'm interested in what this type of rant results in? What kind of true change will it yield? What truly changed by this? Honestly- nothing. Sadly- further divide. 


I've traveled to many nations and have witnessed the oppression of women- there is a stark contrast in those dark places compared to America, believe it or not. 


Sisterhood is a powerful thing however I cannot stand with or agree with this as a Christian woman. There's a better way to offer dissent. When the hatred shouts so loudly- I can no longer hear the message.


And He (Jesus) was saying, “That which proceeds out of the man, that is what defiles the man. “For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed the evil thoughts, fornications, thefts, murders, adulteries, deeds of coveting and wickedness, as well as deceit, sensuality, envy, slander, pride and foolishness. “All these evil things proceed from within and defile the man.”

--Mark 7:20-22


We have a sin problem. Repentance not marching fixes that. Jesus alone is the remedy. Oh that we would repent. May we all march to the throne of grace... may we ask our God for mercy and help in our time of need. 



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