Come Out! Come Here!

August 24, 2016


May I never lose the wonder of seeing a soul come to Jesus. In a world filled with despair, darkness and doubt, it lifts my heart to see hope, light and belief enter one that was just pulled back from the brink of suicide. 

I'm a Jesus girl. I spend my days in some way, shape or form either sharing the hope of Jesus or teaching someone how to further grow in their faith. Some of those days people do not wish to hear a thing I have to say about the dealing of their souls, eternity or how to live according to principle rather than emotion. 

But every now and then you get that person. That one person that reminds you why you do what you do. The one person who you saw encounter Jesus, the Son of the living God. The woman who just a few weeks ago tried to end her life is now bursting forth with joy at the life she's experiencing. 
That's the wonder I never want to lose-- Jesus saving the lost, healing their broken-heartedness and making them new. 

I believe this generation is crying out for a God encounter. Do we hear their cry? Have we spent enough time with Jesus that should they call for us we can give Him to them? Do we know Him enough to introduce Him? Have we experienced Him enough to give Him away? 

As I read the portion of scripture I heard the cry of our culture...

Daniel 3:26--
"Servants of the Most High God, Come out! Come here!"

We are being summoned by our world. Regardless of what society is saying, their true cry is for a Savior. 

Interestingly the context of this Scripture is in the setting of the three Hebrew children who would not bow to culture at the cost of being thrown into a fiery furnace. Because they wouldn't cave, they were miraculously delivered from the flames. 

I believe we will carry the power of His Presence if we understand our world is crying out for us to show them Jesus. Do not cave or bow but boldly proclaim Him. 

Romans 8:19  declares how all of creation is
awaiting the revealing of the sons and daughters of God. Allow Him to reveal His glory through you. Someone needs you. 


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