I Miss Praying


I miss 5am prayer. I never thought being a night owl that I’d ever say that. Since last October of 2015 my alarm has been going off Tuesday–Friday at 4:34am to attend 5am prayer at our church. 


It’s really a “Cool Club” of faithful souls crying out in intercession after they wrestle their flesh into submission. 

In fact, on the mornings when my alarm goes off, I stumble out of bed and walk across the room toward the intrusive noise. I know my relationship with the snooze button and it would steal the marvelous joy of this early morning hour of prayer. This is where I daily quote the Psalm “I delight to do your will.” 


Unfortunately, I entered February with a fist to my face. A vicious sinus infection that I had fought five weeks earlier was trying to return along with a horrible cold that kept me in for days. An introvert I am not.  So when something knocks me down for several days, it’s the real deal. 


It’s amazing when the body takes charge of even the strongest of wills. Yet, I still raged against my condition. I protested. I read for hours, answered some emails, did what work I could, but for the most part I endured being miserable. 

In the quietness I realized a couple things. I miss my mom when I’m sick. She now lives in Texas. It was just knowing she was two blocks away that was a comforting thought. That had I called, she would have ran right over. Admittedly, I’m not one to call. But now, I couldn’t. That was an interesting discovery. 


That realization brought me to the next – that I missed 5am prayer. It’s a culture of contenders. So much happens very early. I think much happens in the heavens while others are getting a few more hours of shut eye. Jesus certainly practiced this uncomfortable discipline. 


One of my favorite things to do is pray over the people we pastor and influence that God would hover over them as they awaken to a new day of possibilities. I ask Him to bless them with strength and courage for the day, to help them win their battles and be so near. I declare they are established in righteousness and oppression is far from them. I believe it makes a difference as they wake up and face their day.  


I think I miss just being with God in that time. It’s a special time I refuse to trade. Yes, I believe prayer is continual and is not reserved to a specific place, time and posture. However there is something amazing about a forged out time you fight your flesh over. 


I shall be back at the “Cool Club.” Wisdom demands I rest, drink plenty of fluids and get over this yuck once and for all. But rest assured that I will be back at 5am prayer. 


It’s worth the fight to get to bed earlier, to train my body against my temperament. I’m forcing this night owl to be an early bird because I discover a treasure trove of God’s riches as I go to prayer. 


I simply miss it…

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